Begging of 'Do It Yourself World'

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Begging of 'Do It Yourself World' Empty Begging of 'Do It Yourself World'

Post by Admin on Thu Nov 05, 2015 5:33 am


If anyone has ever watched YouTube and seen Troy Reid from the 'Do It Yourself World', you have viewed him complaining, and use manipulation to pull on the heart strings of the gullible to get people to give him items and donations...

A guy that shows you how to do EVERYTHING WRONG, has now found an internet Filipino that he wants to marry and bring to the USA after only meeting her face to face for a few days. He now has 'campaigns' and t-shirt sales in addition to his almighty DONATE button that he has lived on for many years.

I will never say that an internet retail store is not a real business, but the facts of the matter are that he continues to state he makes video's of his daily life... now he wants to bring in another person to the USA from the Philippines, and can't afford the application fee's... that does not appear to be 'Do It Yourself'.

He clearly thinks he is a charity, or to be compared with the girl scouts selling cookies, and even funnier...Walmart selling a single brand of t-shirt.

Now he has MUGS... oh joy...

At least he thanks all the suckers that give him donations and buy that butt ugly shirt... I know I am not the only one that see's this woman has absolutely no excitement to actually be with him.. a con-job by both of them.

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