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Post by Admin on Sat Oct 10, 2015 9:18 am


I think we need to take a close look back to what 'Right and Wrong' is...

Everyone has fallen on financial hard times once or twice in their life. We have turned to our family or close friends for help, and even gone to the bank to apply for a loan. We normally keep these maters on a quiet personal level. We repay the debt on the terms agreed for the loan that put us back on our feet, and continue moving forward to better our life, and possibly learn a lesson or two from what put us in the financial corner. There are even times our family members or close friends just say... 'don't worry about paying me back'. Family and close friends we have known for a long time help each other.

They say that we are living in an era of social media. I would agree that FaceBook, Skype, and even WhatsApp have kept our family members and friends all on a fancy little box we have instant access to, and communicate publicly or privately. I would say that is a fantastic advancement using the ever-changing technology mankind continues to develop. When one would fall on hard times, it is so much easier to get in contact with our family and close friends to lend the 'helping hand'.

I think we can all say that asking for a financial 'helping hand' in hard times should be a personal or private matter between close friends and family. Not something public that is broadcast across the world wide web.

NOW it seems that morals and dignity have taken a holiday over the last few years, and now GREED is making it acceptable to publicly make a video on YouTube that pulls on the heart stings of the world wide web... If I am not mistaken, that was once called a SCAM.

It appears that the individual leading this YouTube SCAM method is... Troy Reid that is using drama on his world wide YouTube channel for sympathy for personal financial benefits from the weak and gullable that fall for it... Now he straight up asks for donated money to pay for immigration fees and clothes for a woman he only met face to face for a week.

The world wide YouTube community is now streaming with these type of individuals... because one does it, does that make it RIGHT. I don't think so.

Yesterday I watched a video on YouTube of a man that is so against Troy Reid of how he manipulates, SCAMs, and does everything pathetically wrong with building an 'Off the Grid' Tiny Shack project. He now is asking the world wide youtube community he only shares video's with to give him a financial helping hand. Is that Right or WRONG... The political term would be Begging.

A financial 'helping hand' should come from family or close friends, NOT from a PayPal link in the description of a selfie video you put out for the world wide YouTube subscribers you have never met face to face, that you hope pities you to give you free money. That is called 'begging'.

Begging is WRONG and now we have e-begging that is becoming a world wide epidemic that is poisoning the YouTube community.

A 'Helping Hand' and 'Begging' are very different... At NO time should a Paypal link for some free money be considered a 'Helping Hand', because you can make a selfie video... it is straight up begging.

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